About Us

Softxpert is the developer of Fax Plus

  • It is a global rapidly growing software development company that has established itself well in the market of web applications development for years and built a huge base of satisfied clients.
  • It has set forth ever since to grow a typical reputation for mobile apps development. The experience that we have gained into the field of software development along with the cross- industry know-how that we developed has empowered us to deliver more efficient solutions that worked out for our clients’ benefit, offering them true value and a real participation into their success.
  • The determination that Softxpert has had all over the years is to bring to its customers the best that the technology and business planning can offer.
  • With a huge team of designers, developers, in-house QC testers, system analysts, project managers and other supportive personnel dedicated to the ascendancy of our clients’ business, we make a promise to exceed our clients’ expectations and we know we can keep it.

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